From Bresse, Landes or Challans, these poultries have taste. The taste of freedom. The Formia Butcher's shop has selected for you the best products.

In Bresse, the top-quality poultry owes its delicious and soft flesh as well as its delicate flavour to the rich quality of its food. This farm poultry is the only one in the world with owns a protected designation of origins. It is raised outdoors during almost 3 months. It is fed with natural elements, and receives food complements based on wheat, corn, and even with some powder of milk, giving to its flesh all the smoothness which makes its reputation. Hand-plucked by our butchers, your Bresse poultry will be ready to be tasted!

Further West, the Formia Butcher's shop selected in the heart of the Landes region another poultry which is as tender. Raised in the middle of pines, the latter is exclusively fed with vegetable food.