Wines and Champagnes    

To bring your meal to perfection, the Formia butcher’s shop provides you with our regional great wines including wines from Sacha Lichine, Château Brondelle, Mouton Cadet and the famous Minuty.

Offering a wide variety of flavours, the pink wines and the white wines from Lichine are the results of the best vineyards from the Var.
Pioneers of the vineyard Sauternais, the wine makers of the Chateau Brondelle offer you a white liquor-like wine, made of over ripened grapes filled with sugar. You will appreciate the aromatic power of the Graces white wine.

The Mouton Cadet wine is the result of an exceptional local production and the passion of the Baron Philippe de Rothschild for wines. It is a vivid and seducing wine which stands out as the worldwide reference for the Bordeaux wines with a protected designation origin.

Regarding its choice of champagne, Formia selected the trustworthy Maison Bollinger. Their champagnes are powerful, sophisticated with an elaborated style. It also embodies excellence as it has been appointed since 1884 by the prestigious Royal Warrant, official suppliers of the Crown of England. Its special vintage will perfectly match with your choice of white meats and poultry, while the rosy vintage version will enhance to perfection a side of Kobé beef.