Spices and condiments    

At Formia, we are convinced that seasoning is an art. Salts from all over the world -the Himalayan salt from Himalaya, the black salt from Hawaii or from the Hibiscus flower - will make you travel from the first bite.

Some pinches of pepper of Szechuan or of Colombo from Eric Bur on your dishes will be enough to surprise your dinner guests! The condiments and essences of flowers will enhance your dishes with delicacy.

The Formia Butcher's shop also offers you a wide variety of sauces and original condiments: Pommery reveals its know-how through a range of sophisticated flavours. You will also find a large choice of mustards including the organic mustard with truffle, the Espelette chili peppers mustard or the raspberry mustard.  These astonishing recipes are made in accordance with the traditions of the mustard of Meaux.