Oil and vinegar  

To sublimate its choice cuts, the Formia Butcher's shop displays a wide choice of oils and vinegars in its shop.

From the 20-year-old balsamic vinegars to the flavoured ones, the vinegars of the Maison Leonardi fulfil all your desires. You can choose between the soft and fruity vinegar refined in cherry tree barrels, the one infused with white truffles, or also juniper balsamic vinegar which releases this specific and rare aroma of musk and pine, ideal to accompany your parts of game.

What could be better than the Italian sun to reveal the nectar of olives?  Formia selects products from Terre Bormane. This oil has a protected designation of origin and is authentic and delicate. Made from handpicked olives, the oil Terre Bormane offers a wide variety of oils from the citrus flavours to the almonds flavour for an oil of an incomparable purity. Its vinegars are also unique. For instance, the Aulente white vinegar has a touch of flowery scent which will sublimate your white meats.