Gourmet products    

In jars or in cans, the Formia butcher's shop combines top of the range products with home-made production with the preparations Rödel, J. Barthouil and Thiol.

The hundred-year-old famous Rödel canning factory guarantees its products from being fished off away from French coasts and being hand conditioned with exceptional flavours. As for the Maison Barthouil, it perpetuates its know-how of the curing of salmons in alder wood.

Faithful to local products, Formia diversifies its stall of regional products prepared traditionally by offering you confits, the other speciality of J. Barthouil.
The duck also comes in dishes with a cassoulet or in cooked lenses and you can choice different parts from legs and thighs to gizzards and wings.
At Formia, you can also find fish soups and tripes à la mode de Caen or à la niçoise from Thiol.