The italian delicatessen corner  

In Italy, delicatessen is an institution.

The Formia Butcher's shop takes advantage of this geographical closeness to Italy to select the best hams directly from the master hams maturers.

You can name, among the most renowned ones, the San Daniel cured ham "Riserva di la Contessa": salted with sea salt, it matures for almost 22 months at the heart of the Alps, between the sea and the mountains.

The excellence of the Parma ham can be found in the “Riserva Don Roméo". Refined for 18 months, the use of food additives other than sea salt is forbidden by the law which supervises its designation.

 Its typicality of flavour, aromas and texture granted it an international reputation. Time and nature are the secrets of this ham production.

The “Culatello di Zibello”, the Parma ham’s eye of rump, is unique: once the flesh has been cleared from the bone, the ham is rubbed with a mixture of salt, spices, garlic and wine. Then, it is put into a pork's bladder and hand sewn to give it the shape of a pear which characterizes it. After several months of maturing, it will provide a delicate taste in your mouth.
At Formia, the great classics of the Italian delicatessen also include the Bresaola Punta d' Anca. It is the only Italian delicatessen made exclusively from beef and it is pretty similar to the Swiss dried beef. Its intense colour and its delicacy make it perfect for a simple carpaccio.