French delicatessen corner    

The manufacturing of hams of French tradition requires a real expertise. Formia offers you a traditional bone-cooked ham with a plain seasoning or with herbs providing an incomparable taste.

Among prestigious and renowned producers, the Formia Butcher's shop selected the curing company " Targe " located in the Rhône as well as the famous " Thiol " institution.

From classic dried sausages to more aromatic or fruity ones, the sausages from the producer of cured and salted meat from Targe provide you with surprising and audacious flavours.

The famous Lyon Rosette sausage is displayed next to dried sausages with either a taste of fennel, Roquefort cheese or sweet chestnut flavour, without forgetting the new Beaujolais wine sausage.

The white sausage stuffed with 3 % of truffles from Thiol is a gastronomic treasure.